Choosing the right pool table size for your space

Selecting the size for your pool table can be a tricky business so read on for some top tips on how to choose the right sized table for your space. Obviously maximising play space is important but more critically you need to ensure you have sufficient room to cue in order to play your best game. We recommend leaving sufficient space for at least a 48 inch cue from the edge of the cushion as well as 12 inches for taking a shot. This means the ideal minimum sized space we recommend is as follows:

  • 6ft x 3ft table should have a clear space of 15ft x 12ft
  • 7ft x 4ft should have a clear space of 16ft x 13ft
Photo by Ashley Byrd

Of course this is the ideal scenario, but what if your space falls short of this? Don’t panic because there are plenty of options! Shorter cues can help when cueing cushion-side, as well as angled cueing to fit the cue in a shorter space. If using the angled cue method then it’s recommended to use a rest to help steady the cue and get the shot just right.

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