How to sell your item here

Advertising your table, lighting, chairs or whatever you have, on our site, couldn't be easier. All you have to do is send us the details of your item together with a photo and we'll do the rest for you, how easy is that?!

When sending us a image please enclose your full name, address and contact details (day and evening) together with a brief description of your item.

Contact details:

Address: Website, Pot Black Eight Ball, Tara, Spenwood Close, Spencers wood, Reading, Berkshire. RG71DE.
Telephone: 0118 988 4914
Fax: 0118 988 6841

There are a number of ways you can send the information, so please follow one of the sections below to achieve a faster turnaround of your item.


General tips:
Make sure you take the picture in a well lit area. Try to use a tripod if you can, it's very easy to blur an image through movement. Take several photos of the same shot and choose the best one. For people using digital camers, do not rely on the LCD screen for reference, they can be very misleading and will not show slight blurring. Take several images and then download them to a MAC or PC before making a choice. If you are sending an image electronically or by disk please do NOT compress the file using Win ZIP, Stuffit or any other compression software. These can cause damage to the image and effect the overal picture quality.


This is the quickest way to get your image on our website. If you are e-mailing an image, then please stick to the following guide lines:

1.) Images must be no larger than 500k (maximum size)
2.) All images should be RGB and a resolution of 72dpi. You can specify a higher resolution providing you keep the file size below 500k
3.) All images should be saved as TIFF or JPEG, please, no GIFF files.
4.) Keep the image at around 6 inches in width or hieght (depending on the orientation of photo). We will create two versions of your photo: 1 preview image and 1 larger image for a zoomed up view when the preview image is clicked. We will except larger images as long as they are less than 500k but they will eventually be resized to fit our page.


This is another quick way to get your image on our website. However we cannot take responsibility for lost or damged disks caused by posting. We will return your disk if you include a stamped addressed envelope with the correct postage. We can take ZIP discs, CD's, or floppy disks. Please follow the guide lines in the e-mail section for the spec of your image.


This is by far the longest way to get your item on our site, but for some of you this is the only way to give us a picture of your item. Please follow the guidelines in the general tips section to create a good photographic image. Again we cannot take responsibility for lost or damged photographs caused by posting. We will return your photo if you include a stamped addressed envelope with the correct postage. Please keep the photo at a standard size and not using a panaramic view like the ones found on APS (Advanced Photo System) cameras.

Please allow us a week to 14 days to get your image on our site from the time of reciept.

Thank you for following our guidelines and we look for to helping you sell your item.